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The Return of Irma (TMNT)

If you were at all a fan of the 1987-1996 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series you are probably familiar with Irma. The Velma of TMNT, she was painted as the frumpy best friend of April who was always love sick, and worked as the receptionist at Channel 6 News.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Hosts COSMOS!

Neil deGrasse Tyson hosting a show about how awesome Space and Science are?! I’m in!

Watch the trailer here:

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Episode 46 – The X-Files

Audio Episode:

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Synopsis:  In this episode Manda is joined by her friend Kelsey to talk about the 90s Fox series The X-Files, as Errol spends time with family and Ja-Mez recovers from surgery.

A Montage of the Best Visual Effects Oscar Winner

We will be talking more about the Oscars in an episode in a few weeks,  where I will be going over some of the history and method of nominating films. But this is a lovely montage of all the winners of the Best Visual Effects Award from 1977-2012 and a brief glimpse of the nominees this years.

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Another look at the new TMNT

Here’s another look at what might be some marketing material for the TMNT film set to come out in August. To be perfectly honest I am surprised that we haven’t seen more about this until now.  At the very least a trailer or teaser of some kind. I keep holding out hope that it will be a surprise on Super Bowl Sunday, but who knows.

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Musicless Music Videos

Granted this isn’t really geeknews. But from time to time I like to inform people of interesting and hilarious creative efforts that are found throughout the internet. Be they memes or not. And since this is exceptionally well done and entertaining, I am going to post about it anyway. Check out this series of music videos that imagine what the scenes actually sound like without all that obnoxious music getting in the way:

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Analysis of Michael Bay’s TMNT Designs (UPDATED)

While I am loathe to report anything from this movie, especially given how much bad information has been floating around, I thought this was worth a look. Now for the last few weeks we have had toy descriptions that are said to be similar to the final movie designs and even a look at one of the cheap plastic costumes for Michaelangelo. But I would hardly call these reliable sources. Granted I am not entirely certain of the authenticity of this, but as it corroborates the descriptions of past weeks and appears, albeit in a blurry image, as rather professional maquette work, I am going to gamble that this work is probably authentic.

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X-Men DOFP Empire Covers


Yesterday you may have noticed a few covers from Empire magazine having been posted featuring a few characters from the upcoming Fox film X-Men Days of Future Past. There was actually a whole series of them, 25 in all forming an expansive collage, and over the course of yesterday they released them one by one, per hour of the day. Well now they are all out and interestingly they give us a glimpse at a few interesting aspects of the film.

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60’s Batman TV series to get DVD/BR Release

downloadThe series that made Adam West a cultural icon and brought Batman and comic books into the mainstream, is finally coming to home video.

The news broke when late-night talk-show host Conan O’Brien tweeted his excitement about the announcement. The story was soon confirmed by Warner Brothers.


Batman, starring Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Richard Grayson/Robin, ran from 1966-1968 and made Batman a cultural phenomenon. But for many long decades dispute over the rights of actors appearance, music and the ownership of the franchise, held the series from merchandising or being produced for home video consumption. The series never saw a release on any home video format and has long been relegated to re-runs only. Part of the problem lies with the fact that the series was produced and owned by Fox, while the characters have been the domain of Warner Brothers.

But a deal has finally been reached, rights have been worked out and at long last we will see the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder sidekick in all their Wam-Pow adventures on DVD and Blu Ray.

While details remain sparse, it’s exciting news for the announcement alone.

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