Analysis of Michael Bay’s TMNT Designs (UPDATED)

While I am loathe to report anything from this movie, especially given how much bad information has been floating around, I thought this was worth a look. Now for the last few weeks we have had toy descriptions that are said to be similar to the final movie designs and even a look at one of the cheap plastic costumes for Michaelangelo. But I would hardly call these reliable sources. Granted I am not entirely certain of the authenticity of this, but as it corroborates the descriptions of past weeks and appears, albeit in a blurry image, as rather professional maquette work, I am going to gamble that this work is probably authentic.

tmntnew Rapheal РAs previous reports indicate he appears to be the largest in size (though relative scale is difficult to determine) and does indeed appear to be sporting his described do-rag, loin cloth and bandages, all of which bear his signature red colour. He also appears to be rather muscular and aggressive, as you would expect for his character.

Michaelangelo – Though he is partially cut off he does seem to be wearing the signature orange and described shorts, with a hoody wrapped around his waist. I am not surprised as Mikey has always been the most modern of all Turtles, adopting many human customs, though it does appear that he’s got his fashion sense from the early to mid 90s, perhaps from watching too much old MTV or 90210.

Donatello – ¬†Sadly we can see the least of him. However, there are a few interesting things about him I think are worth noting. He seems to have the leanest of arms and build, possibly because he is less athletic than his brothers, which seems entirely in character for him in my opinion. What’s more interesting is that he appears to be covered in technology. I am not sure what this tech is necessarily, but again this certainly seems true to his character.

Leonardo – Perhaps the most difficult to glean info from as his back to is. However this too brings up something interesting about all the turtles. Notice that Leo is missing the signature scabbards that typically don his back in most versions of the characters. This reminds me that I can’t seem to notice signature weapons on any of the turtles. Though Mikey is making a fist held close to his shoulder, which could indicate he is holding his signature nunchaku in a rested position, it’s hard to make out if anything is in his hands or arms at all. What little else we can glean from this image is that there appears to be plates of some kind on Leonardo’s shoulder, and brown wrappings or armour on his leg. It was said in earlier descriptions that Leonardo would be donning traditional Japanese armour, akin to a Samurai. He also appears to be rather large, possibly the same size as Raphael, and has a diamond back shell, similar to previous incarnations of the turtles.

So while not much is necesarily evident, this does seem to confirm some rumours and give us an idea of what the Turtles of the new movie will look like. I won’t get to excited either way until I see at least a trailer. The Turtles are said to be brought to life via motion capture suits on set and replaced with fully CG turtles in the final film, similar to how the ape in Rise of the Planet of the Apes were done. Hopefully this will all be worth it.

Stay Tuned

So other pictures have surfaced that give us a better glimpse of Leo, Don and now Shredder as well. Don now appears to be much leaner than his brothers and sporting more armour than I had previously thought, but is sporting what appears to be a headset and other gear I can’t quite make out. Leo gives us a better look at the face designs, definitely has the very primitive Samuari-esque armour previous described, but most interesting are the presence of his scabbards and Katanas, evidently missing from the previous picture. What is most interesting about the swords though is that they do indeed appear to be Samurai Katana. This is surprising only because though his swords are often called Katana, they more often resemble Ninjato, swords more associated with the ninja clans of old. Where as the Katana was exclusively a Samurai weapon. This seems to be a theme where the turtles are taking a larger cue from Samurai tradition than ninja, though Ninja were known for their ability to make weapons and armour out of everyday household items. And of course Shredder looks like the giant monster of sharp pointy angles you would expect him to have.





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