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Guess who’s back!


Just in time for October 2015, Marty and Doc’s arrival in the FUTURE, 3 Geeks returns to celebrate the Back to the Future celebration and take a look at how 2015 really turned out. Did it meet our expectations, exceeded them or fallen short?

Join us Sunday October 18 at 8 PM for a live discussion!


3GP – Happy Holidays!

Ja-Mez, Errol and Manda want to wish you Happy Holidays and give a quick update for the podcast!

3GP – Ja-Mez Room Tour – Oct 2013

In this episode Ja-Mez gives a quick tour of his geeky collection.

EBG Episode 16 – Brave

Errol and Manda got a new camera this week, so Errol wanted to experiment by doing a video instalment of the podcast.…

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