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3GP – A Gift from Jezbel and Lore Hera!

In a special episode Debs joins the 3 Geeks (Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez) to open a care package from D&E community members and friends of the show Jezbel and Lore Hera!

Episode 32 – The Last Airbender Commentary!

In an experimental episode of 3GP Manda and Ja-Mez attempt to do a live movie commentary of THE LAST AIRBENDER, while Errol watches it for the first time.

Episode 31 – Villians

In this episode Manda, Errol and Ja-Mez discuss thei favourite villains and what makes a good and compelling villain.

Episode 30 – Internet Celebrities

In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez discuss the world of the internet celebrity, how they differ from other kinds of celebrities and how the internet allows celebs to better connect with their audience and fanbase.

Episode 29 – E3!

In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez sit down to talk about the news and controversies from E3!

Episode 28 – Indiegogo

In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez sit down to talk about fundraising through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Episode 27 – Geek Urban Legends

In this episode the three geeks reunite to talk about the legend of the ET/Atari landfill and explore other urban legends of the geek world.

Episode 25 – Double Feature

In this episode Errol and Manda get spoilerific about Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Episode 24 – FX

In this episode Errol and Manda say goodbye to Movie FX guru Ray Harryhausen and discuss his impact on the world of film and the legacy of Visual Effects.

Episode 23 – Densha Otoko/Train Man

In this episode Ja-Mez returns as Manda tries to talk about Densha Otoko (Train Man) but Ja-Mez and Errol distract her.

This episode was plagued with synching errors so the broadcast was restarted.