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EBG – Episode 20 – LIZETTE!!!

This week we had a special guest join us!! Errol’s oft discussed sister Lizette!! And she was super-funny!!

EBG – Episode 19 – *facepalm*

Oh my. This one went so very wrong. I blame too much alcohol and too much sun. No real topic this week, just more ramblings. Enjoy guys.

EBG – Post-Show Antics!

This fun little tidbit took place after the recording of an episode. Apparently we have too much energy. I don’t know if people will find this nearly as funny as we do, but we couldn’t stop laughing at it.

EBG – Episode 18 – The Dark Knight Rises

This week Errol and James talk The Dark Knight Rises…after having discussed The Dark Knight Rises for three hours before recording. MAJOR SPOILER WARNING


EBG Episode 17 – The Amazing Spider-Man

This week Ja-Mez talks so much about The Amazing Spider-Man that we had to split it in two parts. Part 1 has the news (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Make-a-Wish with Hellboy). MAJOR SPOILERS!

EBG Episode 15 – Father’s Day!

Errol, Ja-Mez and Manda share stories about Geek Dads for Fathers Day.

EBG Episode 14 – The Avengers!

Errol and Ja-Mez almost talk about The Avengers but talk most about Manda instead.

EBG Episode 13 – Errol and Manda!

Ja-Mez is unavailable, so Errol gets Whitless to talk about nonsense again.

EBG Episode 12 – Avengers Vs X-Men

James and guest Matt sit down to talk about Marvel’s current event Avengers Vs X-Men as well as the last decade of events leading up to it.

EBG Episode 11 – Battle Royale!

This week we talk about Battle Royale (HEAVY ON THE SPOILERS) and argue about the Harry Potter books.

As a bonus here is an excerpt from this episode that demonstrates just what its like to work with Errol!