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EBG Episode 10 – Geek History!

This week Errol and James battle fatigue and technical issues as they discuss the New iPad and their geek origins.

EBG Episode 9 – All Manda!

This week we force Manda to come up with a topic on the fly.

EBG Episode 8 – Memes and more!

Errol and James sit down to discuss movies of old, the new Morgan Spurlock Comic Con Documentary, and share some of their favourite memes and comedy bits.

EBG Episode 7 – Pixar!

Errol and the Bald Guy sit down to talk with Manda again, this time about the history and legacy of Pixar Animation Studios.

EBG Episode 6 – Jet Li’s Hero

Errol returns as does our guest Manda to talk about the 2002 Jet Li film Hero.

EBG Episode 5 – Manda and the Bald Guy!

Errol’s gone missing, so Manda fills in as we discuss comic news and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

EBG Episode 4 – Debs and Errol do FAWM!

This week we have our Debs (of Debs & Errol fame) here to talk about FAWM (February Album Writing Month)!!

EBG Episode 4 Teaser

What’s to come in Episode 4!

EBG Episode 3 Video Compilation

More of the same…the best moments from Episode 3.