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Harold Ramis Tribute

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Synopsis: In this episode Manda and Ja-Mez reflect on the life and career of Harold Ramis and share some of our favourite Ghostbusters memories.

Episode 48 – Doctor Who

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Synopsis: In this episodes Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez sit down with special guest Andrew Dundass to have an extra long, spoiler filler talk about Doctor Who.

We had so much fun on this episode we had to include the preshow too!

Episode 47 – Sherlock Series 3

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Synopsis: In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez discuss their thoughts, likes and dislikes about the third series of BBC’s Sherlock, and briefly touch upon J.K. Rowling lamenting Ron/Hermoine and the tragic passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. This episode is full of Sherlock spoilers from beginning to end so beware anyone who hasn’t caught up yet.

Episode 45 – Year in Preview (2014)

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Synopsis: In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez continue there year end wrap up and take a look at what to look forward to in 2014 including Movies, Comics, Video Games and Television.

Episode 44 – Year in Review (2013)

Here it is! The first episode of 3GP for season 2. This is the first in a new series of audio podcasts. We have changed formats again so don’t be alarmed that there is no video for this episode. Please enjoy guys!

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Synopsis: In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez sit down to talk about the best and the worst in geek culture in 2013, including Movies, Video Games, Comics and more.

Technical Note: As we acknowledge we had an error a few minutes into the episode we had a problem with the broadcast. People in the chat were reporting a buzzing sound and Ja-Mez wanted to test the audio. Somehow when turning on the player it killed our broadcast. We had assumed that Audicity was still recording the raw episode, but when Ja-Mez went back to edit the episode he discovered that the test killed the recording as well. So nothing before Errol’s restart (that you hear that the beginning of the episode) exists, this is the episode in it’s entirety. 🙁

New X-MEN DOFP Image & Other News


Fox has released a new teaser image that gives us our first look of Evan Peters as Quicksilver, son of Magneto with Young Xavier, Young Magneto and a transported Wolverine in what appears to be a wintery scene (at least I hope that’s snow).

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Wonder Woman is not a Kryptonian

The internet is a wonderful place of amusement and full of all kinds of useful information. But it’s a double edged sword filled with a lot of lies and half-truths as well. By it’s very nature it’s a nebulous place of misinformation, and requires users to be more discerning about the information they consume.

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Darkhorse Comics loses Star Wars license to Marvel

star-wars-dark-horse-1-cover In a move that surprised no one, it was announced today by Marvel and Lucasfilm that starting in 2015 Marvel will be the sole publisher of Star Wars comics. This comas as a blow to Darkhorse comics  (publisher of such series as Hellboy, and many various Joss Whedon series) who will be losing their powerhouse license for Star Wars. The two companies have had a long standing and successful relationship since 1991. This move is comes after last year’s Disney buy out of Lucasfilm, owner of the Star Wars franchise. Many had assumed it was a matter of time before Disney would bring their franchise home and the relationship with Darkhorse would end.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Bechdel Test and Top Grossing films of 2013


A new infographic surfacing on the internet seems to indicate that films that pass the Bechdel Test, an internet test that measures presence of women in cinema, have collectively drawn larger box office totals this year than films that have not passed the test.

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