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Episode 43 – Disney!

In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez are all back and joined by the infamous CinWicked as we discuss all of our favourite Disney movies! Fun times! 8pm EST!

Check out CinWicked’s site (which is also where Manda has her Whitless Letters hosted!)

Episode 42 – Heavy Rain

In this episode Manda and guest hot Dan Charrington sit down to talk about Heavy Rain and the up coming Beyond Two Souls.

Episode 41 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In this episode Manda and Ja-Mez discuss the pilot for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Episode 40 – Movie Game Changers

In this episode Manda and Errol sit down to reminisce about films that changed the industry.

Episode 39 – Scott Pilgrim and the 3 Geeks

In this episode Manda and Ja-Mez are joined by 3GP friend Lyf to talk about SCOTT PILGRIM!

Episode 38 – The Bechdel Test

In this episode the 3 Geeks return to talk about the controversial Bechdel Test, and the under representation of women (and other groups) in Hollywood movies.

Episode 37 – Marvel’s Mighty Mutants

In this episode Manda and Errol are away so Ja-Mez sits down with his friend Pepper to talk about X-Men comics!

Episode 36 – Myst

In this episode Manda goes it alone to talk about her love of Myst and the history of the franchise.

Episode 35 – Movie Musicals

In this episode Manda is joined by two friends (Neil Silcox and Jim Armstrong) to talk about the success and failure of movie musical adaptations.

Episode 34 – Survival Horror

In this episode Manda is joined by Dan The Video Ninja and Doctor Holocaust to talk about the Survival Horror Genre.