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Episode 40 – Movie Game Changers

In this episode Manda and Errol sit down to reminisce about films that changed the industry.

Episode 39 – Scott Pilgrim and the 3 Geeks

In this episode Manda and Ja-Mez are joined by 3GP friend Lyf to talk about SCOTT PILGRIM!

Episode 38 – The Bechdel Test

In this episode the 3 Geeks return to talk about the controversial Bechdel Test, and the under representation of women (and other groups) in Hollywood movies.

Episode 37 – Marvel’s Mighty Mutants

In this episode Manda and Errol are away so Ja-Mez sits down with his friend Pepper to talk about X-Men comics!

Episode 36 – Myst

In this episode Manda goes it alone to talk about her love of Myst and the history of the franchise.

Episode 35 – Movie Musicals

In this episode Manda is joined by two friends (Neil Silcox and Jim Armstrong) to talk about the success and failure of movie musical adaptations.

Episode 34 – Survival Horror

In this episode Manda is joined by Dan The Video Ninja and Doctor Holocaust to talk about the Survival Horror Genre.

Episode 33 – Miscellaneous

In the episode Errol and Manda sit down to talk about White Knight Syndrome.

3GP – A Gift from Jezbel and Lore Hera!

In a special episode Debs joins the 3 Geeks (Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez) to open a care package from D&E community members and friends of the show Jezbel and Lore Hera!

Episode 32 – The Last Airbender Commentary!

In an experimental episode of 3GP Manda and Ja-Mez attempt to do a live movie commentary of THE LAST AIRBENDER, while Errol watches it for the first time.