Flappy Bird App Pulled, Internet Goes Insane

Ever heard of Flappy Bird? That ridiculously frustrating game that seems to have replaced Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja of the Game of the Day? Until recently I hadn’t either, yet it seems to be incredibly popular. Or at least it was until yesterday.


See the game’s creator Dong Nguyen decided he had had enough and took the game down from the iOS App Store:

Some have speculated that it may be due to legal trouble relating to the use of green pipes that appear awfully similar to those of the Super Mario Bros franchise. While I haven’t found any news of Nintendo having taken action, it doesn’t make the situation any less curious. The internet has become so obsessed with the game that a hoax is floating around that he has committed suicide (I can find no confirmation either way) and he has been receiving death threats over the announcement about pulling the game.

The games’ popularity has sky rocketed to the point that phones with the game already installed are now fetching ridiculous prices on online auction sites such as Ebay:



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