Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is here.


When Marvel Studios announced their second wave of  Superhero films in the Avengers franchise, one film in particular had a lot of people scratching their heads РGuardians of the Galaxy.

Though the Avengers was banking initially on A-List and B-List characters, some of whom were a little more obscure to mainstream audiences, Guardians was was a property that was obscure to even some comicbook fans. Revived in recent years with a new team and updated concept, this galactic team of misfit heroes has slowly developed a cult following. But it seemed like such a strange concept to fit into the roster of now big named terrestrial superhero films. It certainly seemed to be the whim of a madman to include them in the second phase of the Avengers franchise and made some wonder if this was all some insane experiment. Of course the concept has grown on many thanks to interesting casting and an adorable gif of a maniacal looking Racoon firing a machine gun with fury.


But what has made this even more fascinating is the developing idea of Thanos as the all encompassing franchise villain. It would make sense to further establish the character, teased in the Avengers prologue, whose usual M.O. is seeking out the Infinity Gems to complete the Infinity Gauntlet, a galactic weapon of unspeakable power. The hints dropped about the weapon have continued throughout the series so far, with glimpses of the Gauntlet in Odin’s trophy room on Asgaard, and two gems already playing heavily into a couple of plots (The Tesseract from Captain America and Avengers, and the Aether from Thor The Dark World).

Well it seems the story of the Guardians will be somewhat focused on a third gem and possibly being a gateway to even more of Marvel’s Galactic lore and laying the seeds for much of what you will need to know about Thanos and the various story elements he will likely bring with him. Indeed it seems we will get to see some of the Nova Corps homeworld that is a staple of the Galactic Marvel adventures.

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

So maybe this isn’t as crazy a scheme as we had previously assumed and the Guardians will play a bigger role in the entirety of the franchise. Indeed as the trailer hit last night there seemed to be a lot of anticipation and discussion about the film most people know little about and are at least partly intrigued with given how out of place it seems in the Avengers line up.

But the question remains, how bankable will this franchise be. If Marvel intends this to be be the groundwork for important story elements later are they hanging their hat on a potential failure. It does seem like a huge gamble. Either way Guardians will be dropping sooner than later and the trailer sure seems to have stirred conversation at the very least.

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