Hoffman still had more Hunger Games to Film

During our last episode this past Sunday, part of the discussion turned to the passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and we wondered whether or not he’d had an opportunity to shoot the necessary scenes left to complete the two remaining films in the Hunger Games saga, Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2. Well today we found out.

A spokesperson for the Lionsgate told The Hollywood Reporter that Seymour had at least one crucial scene still to film, but that they expected to find a satisfying solution to complete the film in Hoffman’s absence.

We’re all extraordinarily sad, but as it relates to production, it’s going to have no impact. Obviously, we’re going to have a couple of work-around issues but the movie will be creatively whole. His performances in both [remaining] movies will be up to the best of his craft. We feel it will be a good tribute to him.

The executive speaking for Lionsgate went on to dodge questions about exactly what scenes were left incomplete, leaving some to wonder how crucial those moments were and if they can actually be done without the actor’s involvement or not.

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