Lego Simpsons House Revealed


Ok so by now everyone has heard of the leaked images of a Lego set featuring The Simpsons family home. Lego has now officially revealed the entire set and it’s amazing!

The video is actually kinda fascinating as it reveals a lot about how the set was put together, but also how they actually build Lego figures in general.

ku-xlarge (1)The set will cost about $200, comes with more than 2500 pieces and will include the following:

  • All five Simpsons figures (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lise and Maggie) as well was the neighbour Flanders
  • A playset style hinge with the house split down the middle
  • Rooms for all characters, fully stocked with iconic props and dressings from the show
  • A detachable roof to access rooms not open from the middle
  • A detachable garage with familiar family car (no sign of Marge’s station wagon)
  • Interior and exterior furnishings and a bevy of other accesories
  • Various different items labeled “Property of Ned Flanders”
  • The entire house is 9″ tall, 16″ wide and 9″ deep


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