Marvel has Cast The Vision for Avengers Age of Ultron

Both the Daily Mail and Variety are reporting that Marvel Studios have cast The Vision for the Avengers sequel.

The publications state that Paul Bettany will be playing the Synthezoid. This is rather interesting as Bettany is already part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the voice of the artificial intelligence Jarvis, that assists Tony Stark. It’s long been speculated by fans that Jarvis, being rather intelligent AI could end up being the android hero of comics. Further making matters more interesting is that current speculation suggest that the titular villain Ultron will be the creation of Tony Stark as well, quite possibly the corruption of Tony’s AI/armour. Those familiar with the comics will remember that Ultron is responsible for creating The Vision as a spy to infiltrate and destroy the Avengers from the inside. How the Vision will come about is anyone’s guess but the connection between the two mechanical villains is undeniably fascinating and likely a central aspect of the forthcoming film.

I would like to point out however, that a lot of the above is presently speculation. But the casting news does make one wonder if the actor’s present role and this announcement have anything to do with one another. It does seem incredibly likely. It’s also interesting that the Synthezoid’s sometimes romantic partner The Scarlet Witch will also be part of the film. Now do we wait for the announcement that Wonder Man will also be cast given this news?

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