Marvel Teases the return of the Amazing Spider-Man?

allnewmarvelnowpreviews3 (1)Yesterday this image surfaced on the internet and immediately started raising questions. It seems to be the cover for Marvel’s preview magazine that tells retailers and consumers about upcoming Marvel products in advance, but what is notable is that it features the return of the Amazing Spider-Man title.

As you may recall, The Amazing Spider-Man series was canceled with issue 700, during the earliest stage of the Marvel Now initiative that saw many series canceled, relaunched or renumbered to attract new fans. ┬áThe cancellation came in conjunction with the end of a story-line that saw Doctor Otto Octavius take over the body and life of Peter Parker, and the character was given a new book, The Superior Spider-Man. Though Parker’s consciousness stuck around for a while after that, he was soon silenced by Ock, and hasn’t been heard from since. So people are wondering what it means that the series, most associated with Peter Parker, has been brought back from the dead and whether or not that means the return of Peter’s consciousness. It certainly appears to be his pre-Superior costume and though it could still be Ock controlling Peter’s body, it’s easy to see that ridiculous grin that doesn’t seem characteristic of Ock.

So this begs the question – Are we seeing a tease of the return of Peter to his own body? Some have suggested that much like the recent tale told in Amazing Spider-Man 700.1 – 700.5 it could simply be a flashback series that features the character in former untold adventures and not be concurrent with the present story-lines in Superior Spider-Man.

It’s difficult to say. Stay tuned for more guys.

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