A Montage of the Best Visual Effects Oscar Winner

We will be talking more about the Oscars in an episode in a few weeks,  where I will be going over some of the history and method of nominating films. But this is a lovely montage of all the winners of the Best Visual Effects Award from 1977-2012 and a brief glimpse of the nominees this years.

Some interesting VFX Oscar facts:

  • With one or two exceptions the winners each year have typically been the highest grossing nominnee (What Dreams May Come was a shocking upset that is still discussed to this day)
  • Visual Effects nominees are selected at a “Bake-Off” where industry effects artists get together to witness short reels from selected films.
  • The reels can not consist of break downs of the effects, only finished shots (this sometimes makes it difficult in some films to discern what the actual effect is).
  • Representatives for each film give a small presentation to outline what was unique about their effort, with particular weight given to the use of both practical and digital effects and any breakthroughs or particularly difficult procedures required to fulfill their scenes
  • Like all awards (except Best Picture) the VFX awards are nominated by people of a specific discipline (VFX artists) and then the winner is voted on by the Academy as a whole. This is why it’s said that it’s an honour to be nominated as you are being selected as the best by your peers of your discipline
  • And finally the story that is told at the Bake-Off every year: During each presentation there is a specific time-limit to allow everyone to have equal time on stage. When your time is completed a red-light will shine to silently denote the end of your allotted time. During the year that Titanic was up for consideration (and subsequently won) their presentation went long and despite being signaled to leave the stage, James Cameron reached over, silently unscrewed the lightbulb and carried on with his presentation. The light has subsequently been glued in.
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