Musicless Music Videos

Granted this isn’t really geeknews. But from time to time I like to inform people of interesting and hilarious creative efforts that are found throughout the internet. Be they memes or not. And since this is exceptionally well done and entertaining, I am going to post about it anyway. Check out this series of music videos that imagine what the scenes actually sound like without all that obnoxious music getting in the way:

It seems that YouTuber Mario Wienerroither has found a new artform that has become my new favourite thing. Somewhat similar to the Literal Music Video, where older and nonsensical music videos are redubbed with lyrics describing what’s happening on screen no matter how ridiculous, the results of Wienerrotiher’s attempts leave me laughing till it hurts.  It seems that Mario takes popular but bizarre music videos, removes their music track and redubs all the visuals with sound effects, recreating the often strange behaviours of the people on screen. Some actions are simply mundane others are given a new context, both resulting in an often awkward and mostly hilarious scene that helps illustrate how weird music videos are based solely on their visuals. And of course my description can’t do justice to how hilarious this is. Maybe I am overstating it, but since it’s my new favourite thing I feel compelled to share it.

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