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Episode 16 – Turtle Power!

In this episode Debs joins Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez to talk about Nickelodeon’s 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

Episode 15 – Let’s Play!

In this episode Manda and Ja-Mez welcome Dan “The Video Ninja” Charrington to talk about “Let’s Plays” and their rising popularity.

Check out Dan’s vids!


Episode 14 – FANDOMS

In this episode the three geeks experiment with Google Hangouts to talk with their audience about our favourite fandoms.

Episode 12 – No **** Sherlock!

In this episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez sit down to talk Seduction of the Innocent and BBC’s Sherlock. Also Errol discovers Manda’s almonds as Ja-Mez tries to ignore him.


Episode 11 – Return of Fishbrain

In this episode we record from a new venue as Manda, Errol and Ja-Mez talk Amazing Spider-Man teaser pics, Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers and we discuss our recommendations for under rated or under appreciated media.

Episode 10 – Creative Inspiration

In this episode Debs fills in for a sick Ja-Mez as she, Manpans and Errol talk about the creative process, finding inspiration and how to overcome creative blocks.

Episode 09 – The One Where Errol Knits…

In this week’s episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez continue our weekly live stream vidcast while we vent about stereotypical depictions of Geeks in popular culture.

Episode 08 – Live and in Colour!!

In this week’s episode we experiment with a live broadcast, talk some more news, interact with our audience and chat about cartoons and other shows we grew up with.

Episode 07 – Year in Review (2012) Pt 2

In this week’s episode Errol, Manda and Ja-Mez continue their Year in Review discussion about 2012 and look ahead to 2013.


Episode 06 – Year in Review (2012) Pt 1

This episode Manda, Errol and Ja-Mez sit down to talk about their favourite things from 2012 and what to look forward to in 2013. (Amazing Spider-Man #700 Spoilers)