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Marvel Confirms – Peter Parker to Return to Comics

Marvel has officially announced that Peter Parker will be returning to his own series The Amazing Spider-Man in April 2014.

allnewmarvelnowpreviews3 (1)Earlier this week we talked about a solicit for the first issue of a series called Amazing Spider-Man #1. It would be the return of the series that was canceled at the end of 2012 during the early stages of Marvel’s Marvel NOW campaign that saw drastic changes made to many books in their line up. It also marked the end of Peter Parker as the Amazing Spider-Man as his consciousness was replaced with that of a dying Otto Octavius (formerly Doctor Octopus). For that last year Otto has served as the Superior Spider-Man, a new title that features him living Peter’s life in Peter’s body and turning heads as a more driven and more drastic hero.

But with the leak of the Marvel’s preview book, that tells retailers and fans about upcoming books ┬áin their line up, featured a maskless Spider-Man swinging along smiling widely. There is no question that the body is that of Peter Parker. The question that remained was who was in control of that body. Truly the smile would be out of character for the curmudgeonly Octavius, but after more than a year’s absence, everyone wondered what could possibly bring Peter back.

While that question hasn’t been answered, we do have word from Marvel that indeed it will be Peter Parker, mind, body and web-shooters.

Now if only they would resurrect Ultimate Peter Parker too.