TMNT Crossover Event on Sunday March 14th

Sometime back it was announced that the current TMNT animated series on Nickelodeon would have a crossover event with the original TMNT animated series, and reuniting the original cast with the current cast. Though not much has been said we do have a release date finally: March 14th (two weeks away).

As some of you might recall (or may not) the 2003 TMNT series wrapped up with an event TV Movie called Turtles Forever that used a similar gimmick to cross-over Turtles of different universes, acknowledging all previous incarnations into one giant Turtle Multiverse (which appears to be the case here as well). One of the big complaints about that series is that the original turtles were recast with different voice actors and sadly were the butts of many jokes. It unfortunately felt more like a spoof of the series than a loving tribute, whereas this time I think it’s a genuine love-letter. Townsend Coleman (Michaelangelo), Cam Clarke (Leonardo), Barry Gordon(Donatello), and Rob Paulsen (Raphael) are reprising their roles and joining the current cast (where Paulsen will be pulling double duty as the current Donatello).

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