The Lost Fantastic Four Film Documentary Trailer

Fantastic_Four_1994_PosterBefore the abysmal Fox film about Marvel’s First Family, there are was an even more disastrous version. In 1994, famous B-Movie producer Roger Corman, was overseeing an effort to bring to life the Fantastic Four. It was low-budget, it was schlocky and it was laughably awful, and it was never meant to see the light of day. The only reason the film exists is because they wanted to retain the rights to the franchise and had to move forward with production, with the intention of revisiting the franchise properly. Problem was that no one in the crew realized this and, bless their hearts, they tried to make a serious movie. The end result is legendarily awful, and buried in annals of history. For years the only way to see the film was to buy a bootleg at comic conventions, and even then the copy had gone through several generations and degraded so badly it was nearly unwatchable.

But to this day people still talk about the movie, fans still seek it out to witness for themselves, the history has become legend. And now someone has put together a documentary chronicling what happened!

Check it out!



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