Welcome to 3geeksinapod.com!

Happy New Year and welcome to the new home of 3 Geeks in a Pod. We are very excited about the website and the opportunities it presents us for self-promotion and organization. This will now be the one-stop-shop for all things 3GP. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean we are abandoning our social media. Everything we post to 3GP.com will also be posted to Twitter, Facebook and our new Tumblr blog as well.

Additionally, we have archived every episode of 3GP  up until now and included all the past episodes of our former podcast Errol and the Bald Guy. You can easily navigate our site based on the menu system above and find our episodes grouped by season, show and panelists. This means you can find all the episodes of your favourite geek, search by topic and subject manner, or see what episodes feature some of our more prominent guest panelists.

Now you may have noticed that we have broken things up into seasons (everything up until now is Season 1, everything in 2014 will be Season 2). There is a very important reason for that – we are again changing our format. After much discussion we came to the agreement that the live streaming video format wasn’t suiting our needs and was really only creating an inferior product. Let’s face it Google+/YouTube’s live stream was mediocre at best, often down right terrible and at the end of the day we are not the most dynamic or visually interesting group. Simply put, watching us isn’t as entertaining as we had hoped. The strength of our content is in what we say and that’s better suited in an audio format where some of us are more comfortable and where we have a better dynamic.

But it was also really important to us that the experience for our audience didn’t change, that it still be live and interactive. So we have developed a dedicated “Live” page and link (http://3geeksinapod.com/live/) that can feature an imbeded audio player and an imbeded chat room, and make your experience as painless as possible.

So please partake in our new website, help us out by promoting it and join us for the return of 3 Geeks in a Pod and the premiere of Season 2 (Coming SOON!).

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